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Amphibia - Reptilia

Volume 7 (2014)

Javier Méndez-Narváez and Adolfo Amézquita. Physical combat in the poison-arrow frog, Kokoé-pá (Oophaga histrionica) from Arusi, Choco, Colombia. pp. 1-2 (published online 25 January 2014)

Vladimir Dinets, Adam Britton and Matthew Shirley. Climbing behaviour in extant crocodilians. pp. 3-7 (published online 25 January 2014)

Ilias Strachinis and Matt Wilson. New record of Typhlops vermicularis Merrem, 1820 from Symi island, Greece. pp. 9-10 (published online 25 January 2014)

Marcos Adriano Tortato, Raíssa Fries Bressan and Tobias Saraiva Kunz. Reproduction of two exotic species of Trachemys Agassiz, 1857 (Testudines, Emydidae) at Parque Estadual da Serra do Tabuleiro, state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. pp. 11-15 (published online 25 January 2014)

Erica Bianca Oliveira Baracho, Jucirlian Souza da Silva, Bruno Henrique Morais do Nascimento, Emanuel Masiero da Fonseca and Felipe de Medeiros Magalhães. Dendropsophus branneri (Cochran, 1948) (Anura: Hylidae) as prey to invertebrates in northeastern Brazil. pp. 17-19 (published online 25 January 2014)

Nicolas Dubos, Nicola Piludu, Raphali Rodlis Andriantsimanarilafy, Joseph Christian Randrianantoandro and Franco Andreone. New findings of Phelsuma grandis and P. laticauda (Sauria: Gekkonidae) at the southern edge of the range of the endangered Phelsuma serraticauda in eastern Madagascar. pp. 21-23 (published online 25 January 2014)

Aleksandar Simović, Nils Anderson, Marko Anđelković, Slađana Gvozdenović and Sonja Đorđević. Unusual amplexuses between anurans and caudates. pp. 25-29 (published online 25 January 2014)

Bruno F. Camera, Diones Krinski and Isabella A. Calvo. Diet of the Neotropical frog Leptodactylus mystaceus (Anura: Leptodactylidae). pp. 31-36 (published online 04 February 2014)

André Pedro Do Couto and Marcelo Menin. Predation on the lizard Alopoglossus angulatus (Squamata: Gymnophthalmidae) by the Smoky Jungle Frog, Leptodactylus pentadactylus (Anura: Leptodactylidae) in Central Amazonia. pp. 37-39 (published online 04 February 2014)

James R. McCranie and Leonardo Valdés Orellana. New island records and updated nomenclature of amphibians and reptiles from the Islas de la Bahía, Honduras. pp. 41-49 (published online 04 February 2014)

Vinh Quang Luu, Canh Xuan Le, Huy Quang Do, Tuoi Thi Hoang, Truong Quang Nguyen, Michael Bonkowski and Thomas Ziegler. New records of amphibians from Thuong Tien Nature Reserve, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam. pp. 51-48 (published online 04 February 2014)

N’Goran Germain Kouamé, Abouo Béatrice Adepo-Gourène, Jean Christophe B.Y.N. Konan, Mike Emmrich, Johannes Penner and Mark-Oliver Rödel. Second record of Hyperolius laurenti Schiøtz, 1967 (Anura: Hyperoliidae) in south-eastern Ivory Coast, with observations on the species’ variability, call characteristics and habitat. pp. 59-65 (published online 04 February 2014)

Joana Sabino-Pinto, Christopher J. Mayerl, Willem R.M. Meilink, Diana Grasso, Constantijn C.B. Raaijmakers, Valerio G. Russo, Maud Segal, Gwij Stegen, Jonathan Clegg, Achyuthan N. Srikanthan, Frank Glaw and Miguel Vences. Descriptions of the advertisement calls of three sympatric frog species in the subgenus Vatomantis (genus Gephyromantis) from Madagascar. pp. 67-73 (published online 04 February 2014)

Seyyed Saeed Hosseinian Yousefkhani, Masoud Yousefi, Ali Khani and Eskandar Rastegar Pouyani. Snake fauna of Shirahmad wildlife refuge and Parvand protected area, Khorasan Razavi province, Iran. pp. 75-82 (published online 04 February 2014)

Daniel R. Lenger, Julia K. Berkey and Matthew B. Dugas. Predation on the toxic Oophaga pumilio (Anura: Dendrobatidae) by Rhadinaea decorata (Squamata: Collubridae). pp. 83-84 (published online 17 February 2014)

Benjamin Taylor and Charlie Gardner. Nectar feeding by the day gecko Phelsuma mutabilis (Squamata: Gekkonidae) on the mangrove tree Sonneratia alba (Lythraceae) in southwest Madagascar. pp. 85-87 (published online 17 February 2014)

Donald T. McKnight and Day B. Ligon. Shell and pattern abnormalities in a population of western chicken turtles (Deirochelys reticularia miaria). pp. 89-91 (published online 17 February 2014)

Nelson R. Silva, Paulo Robson Souza, Michele F. Gonçalves, Manoel F. Demétrio and Cynthia P. A. Prado. A voracious female during the courtship of Ceratophrys cranwelli (Anura: Ceratophryidae) in the Brazilian Chaco. pp. 93-95 (published online 17 February 2014)

Laura M. Falkenberg, Arielson S. Protázio, Ralph L. Albuquerque and Daniel O. Mesquita. Predation of Phyllomedusa nordestina (Anura: Hylidae) by Leptodeira annulata (Serpente: Dipsadidae) in a temporary pond. pp. 97-98 (published online 17 February 2014)

Ana Lúcia da Costa Prudente, Alessandro Costa Menks, Fernanda Magalhães da Silva and Gleomar Fabiano Maschio. Diet and reproduction of the Western Indigo Snake Drymarchon corais (Serpentes: Colubridae) from the Brazilian Amazon. pp. 99-108 (published online 17 February 2014)

Melrose Roderick and Joyce Gross. The AmphibiaWeb app and use of mobile devices in research and outreach. pp. 109-113 (published online 17 February 2014)

Henrique Caldeira Costa, Diogo Borges Provete and Renato Neves Feio. A new prey record for the Banded Calico Snake Oxyrhopus petolarius (Serpentes: Dipsadidae). pp. 115-118 (published online 17 February 2014)

Vitor Freitas Oliveira, Tailise Marques Dias and Tiago Gomes dos Santos. Multiple amplexus and spawning in the leaf frog Phyllomedusa iheringii (Hylidae, Phyllomedusinae). pp. 119-120 (published online 17 February 2014)

R. Graham Reynolds, Alberto R. Puente-Rolón, Mike Barandiaran and Liam J. Revell. Hispaniolan Boa (Chilabothrus striatus) on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. pp. 121-122 (published online 11 April 2014)

Carlos R. Santos-Silva, Igor S. Andrade, Maria L. N. Araújo, Lívia Claudia S. Barros, Lidiane Gomes and Stephen F. Ferrari. Predation of six anuran species by the banded cat-eyed snake, Leptodeira annulata (Serpentes: Dipsadidae), in the Caatinga scrub of northeastern Bahia, Brazil. pp. 123-126 (published online 11 April 2014)

Elham Rezazadeh, Ramin Mohammadi Alucheh and Haji Gholi Kami. A preliminary study on the Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise Testudo graeca Linnaeus, 1758 from northwestern Iran. pp. 127-133 (published online 11 April 2014)

Lucas Ferrante, Mario Sacramento and Ariadne Angulo. Defensive behaviour in Aplastodiscus leucopygius (Cruz and Peixoto, 1985) (Anura: Hylidae). pp. 135-138 (published online 11 April 2014)

Sharma Vivek, Meena Dinesh, Kumawat Rakesh Kumar, Yadav Divaker and K.K. Sharma. Interspecies mating interactions between Duttaphrynus stomaticus (Marbled Toad) and Sphaerotheca breviceps (Indian burrowing frog) at the central Aravalli foothills, Rajasthan, India. pp. 139-140 (corrected verson published online 16 April 2014)

Daniel Jablonski and Petr Balej. Case of defensive behavior in Pelobates syriacus (Amphibia: Pelobatidae). pp. 141-143 (published online 11 April 2014)

Boey Yee Cheng, Siew Por Wong and Gary A. Dykes. Salmonella associated with captive and wild lizards in Malaysia. pp. 145-147 (published online 11 April 2014)

Sam Hyde Roberts and Charlotte Daly. First record of Petter’s chameleon, Furcifer petteri (Brygoo & Domergue, 1966) from Nosy Be Island, Northwest Madagascar. pp. 149-151 (published online 11 April 2014)

Steven Poe and Beeling Armijo. Lack of effect of herpetological collecting on the population structure of a community of Anolis (Squamata: Dactyloidae) in a disturbed habitat. pp. 153-157 (published online 11 April 2014)

Roberta Bisconti, Gaetano Aloise, Paolo Cipriani and Daniele Canestrelli. Predation by the Italian pool frog Pelophylax lessonae bergeri on the Valais shrew, Sorex antinorii. pp. 159-160 (published online 11 April 2014)

Ricardo Rocha and Rui Rebelo. Evidence of long-term stability in the iris pattern of Tarentola geckos. pp. 161-163 (published online 11 April 2014)

Leejiah Dorward. Predation of Elaphe dione (Pallas, 1773) by Dolichophis caspius (Gmelin, 1789) (Squamata: Colubridae). pp. 165-166 (published online 11 April 2014)

Lourdes Y. Echevarría. Distribution extension of the endemic lizard Macropholidus huancabambae (Reeder, 1996) (Squamata: Gymnophthalmidae). pp. 167-168 (published online 11 April 2014)

Edélcio Muscat, Elsie Laura Rotenberg and Carlos Alberto Chagas. Predation of Scinax littoralis (Anura: Hylidae) by Eriophora fuliginea (Arenae: Araneidae) in Southeastern Brazil. pp. 169-170 (published online 16 April 2014)

Donald T. McKnight, Joshua R. Harmon, Jennifer L. McKnight and Day B. Ligon. Notes on the diets of seven sympatric snakes in the genera Agkistrodon, Nerodia, Sistrurus, and Thamnophis. pp. 171-177 (published online 16 April 2014)

Carlos Eduardo Domingos Cintra, Helder Lúcio Rodrigues da Silva and Nelson Jorge da Silva Junior. First record of Lithodytes lineatus (Schneider, 1799) (Anura: Leptodactylidae) in the state of Tocantins, ecotone zone Amazon-Cerrado biomes, with notes on its natural history. pp. 179-184 (published online 16 April 2014)

Thomas Ziegler, Dao Thi Anh Tran, Truong Quang Nguyen, Ronith Gila Bina Perl, Lea Wirk, Magdalena Kulisch, Tanja Lehmann, Anna Rauhaus, Tao Thien Nguyen, Quyet Khac Le and Thanh Ngoc Vu. New amphibian and reptile records from Ha Giang Province, northern Vietnam. pp. 185-201 (published online 16 April 2014)

Rafael de Fraga, Miquéias Ferrão, and Vinícius Tadeu de Carvalho. Geographic range extension of the Toad Leaf Frog Phyllomedusa atelopoides Duellman, Cadle and Cannatella, 1988 (Anura, Hylidae). pp. 203-205 (published online 16 April 2014)

Jeffrey W. Streicher, Jacobo Reyes-Velasco, Christian L. Cox, Jonathan A. Campbell and Oscar Flores-Villela. Additional distributional records of a recently described Mexican toad species, Incilius mccoyi (Anura: Bufonidae). pp. 207-210 (published online 16 April 2014)

Daniel Oliveira Santana, Crizanto Brito De-Carvalho, Stéphanie Menezes Rocha, Evellyn Borges de Freitas and Renato Gomes Faria. Trachemys dorbigni (Duméril & Bibron, 1835) (Testudines: Emydidae) recorded in an artificial pond in northeastern Brazil. pp. 211-213 (published online 16 April 2014)

Tailise Marques Dias, Rogério Pereira Bastos, Mariana Nascimento Siqueira and Alessandro Ribeiro Morais. The release call of Hypsiboas goianus (B. Lutz, 1968) (Anura: Hylidae) from Central Brazil. pp. 215-217 (published online 16 April 2014)

Etielle Barroso de Andrade, José Roberto S. Almeida Leite and Gilda Vasconcellos de Andrade. Anurans from the municipality of Ilha Grande, Parnaíba River Delta, Piauí, northeastern Brazil. pp. 219-226 (published online 16 April 2014)

Richard Matthew Lehtinen. Confirmation of nest building in a population of the gladiator frog Hypsiboas crepitans (Anura, Hylidae) from the island of Tobago (West Indies). pp. 227-229 (published online 16 April 2014)

Mauro Sérgio Cruz Souza Lima, Jonas Pederassi and Carlos Alberto dos Santos Souza. Anurans of Serra D’Água, Northwest of Cunhambebe State Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. pp. 231-233 (published online 16 April 2014)

Kent Ryan Caldwell, Xi Hong, Andrew M. Brinker and Dominic J. Yurk. Utilisation of weep holes in retaining walls by the Japanese gecko (Gekko japonicus Dumeril & Bibron, 1836) in Fukuoka, Japan. pp. 235-240 (published online 16 April 2014)

Golusu Baburao and Bhava Mothilal Krishna Kumar. New locality record of Treutler’s gecko Hemidactylus treutleri Mahony, 2009 in Andhra Pradesh, India. pp. 241-243 (published online 16 April 2014)

Najmeh Sadeghi, Mehdi Rajabizadeh, Nasrullah Rastegar-Pouyani and Seyyed Saeed Hosseinian Yousefkhani. Updated distribution of Eirenis collaris (Ménétriés, 1832) (Serpentes; Colubridae) in Iran. pp. 245-246 (published online 16 April 2014)

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